Messaggio da sxedio » ven 01 mag 2009, 20:20

Hello from a cypriot in the UK. Joined this forum to access Carulli material and hopefully contribute, I'm a big fun of his!

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Re: Hello

Messaggio da GeoffB » dom 03 mag 2009, 15:54

Hi Sxedio,

Nice to see yet another one made it over here from the English forum :) .

Best wishes,



Re: Hello

Messaggio da whooper » lun 04 mag 2009, 00:55

Dear Sxedio-san,

Happy to meet you again after a quite long time. I remember your wonderful MP3 postings in the old Japanese forum.

Have a good day


Re: Hello

Messaggio da sxedio » mer 06 mag 2009, 10:20

Hello Geoff and Whooper, nice to see familiar usernames here.

I joined the japanese forum to post a Carcassi etude mp3 in the level 8 forum hosted there, I had sort of rediscovered Carcassi etudes at that point :). Since then, Jounis has done an excellent job recording all of Carcassi opus 60 and uploading the mp3s on the English forum.

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