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My vintage Terada is back

Messaggio da whooper » dom 04 apr 2010, 10:28

Dear all,

It is my great pleasure to introduce you my vintage Terada guitar, "Forest" model produced in 1960. She is fully refurbished. I paid approx. US$ 420 for her heavy surgery.
For comparison, I play the same piece. First one is Terada. Second one is Kohno #7 1970. Terada produces a particular seasoned maple sound.



My father liked "Torna a Surriento" very much. In honor of Italian Delcampers, especially Romanello-san, I tried his transcription.


Have fun
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Re: Terada Guitar Fan Club

Messaggio da whooper » mar 11 mag 2010, 12:27

Dear all,

How have you been doing? In Japan, May is a good season before a gloomy June rainy season. Going outdoor is best now.

I have sent another Terada Jakaranda model, high end in 4, to his birth place. Its intonation is a bit inaccurate. Parents will adjust a nut, saddle, bridge, and fretboard. Cost? They quoted at approx. US$300. I will let you know when he comes back in two months.

Good night :bye:

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