Hello from the Philippines!


Hello from the Philippines!

Messaggio da weebee » lun 26 feb 2018, 15:58

I just wanted to greet everyone here, I'm new in learning classical guitar and i notice i spend my time a lot browsing and learning here (with the use of google translate :D ), so i decided to register and try my best to interact.

I love the music of Ennio Morricone and his pieces I'm trying to collect to learn to play.

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Re: Hello from the Philippines!

Messaggio da GeoffB » mer 28 feb 2018, 01:29

Hello weebee,

Welcome to the forum! If you need to post in the main part of the Italian forum, outside this small English-language section, you may find the Google translation tool useful: https://translate.google.com

Best wishes,

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Re: Hello from the Philippines!

Messaggio da Paola Liguori » mer 28 feb 2018, 13:18

Hello weebee,
welcome to the Italian forum! :D
Paola :bye:

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